Little Stars (aged 6–8 yrs)

Wednesday – Springwell Village Community Venue

4.30 – 5.00 pm

Little stars follow the NCDTA syllabus in Classical sequence, Ballroom and Latin with the view to participating in examinations, local and national competitions and our showcases.  The class incorporates traditional music as well as music from the children’s favourite pop stars.

New for September  – Little Stars Benton (Aged 6 yrs +)

Friday - The Rising Sun Countryside Park, Benton.

4.40 – 5.20 pm

Little Stars Benton also follow the NCDTA syllabus in Classical Sequence, Ballroom and Latin dancing.  Pupils have the opportunity to participate in NCDTA examinations, Shows and Local and National Competitions.  All activities are optional and children can still join in with classes without participating in the above.

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